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Sturm GmbH

Firmenseite: Der STURM®-Campus wurde als technologieorientiertes Spin-Off der Universität Duisburg-Essen gegründet und unterstützt seit 2010 produzierende Unternehmen mit diversen Ingenieur-Dienstleistungen und innovativen Technologielösungen rund um den …
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Peachy Printer

The Peachy Printer is the worlds most affordable 3D printer & scanner. You can get your hands on a kit for as low as $100! The price isn't the only amazing thing about the Peachy, check out our Kickstarter page to find out more!
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The Micro 3D Printer

The Micro is a truly affordable consumer 3D printer, and will retail at $299. It comes fully assembled, has a 116mm 4.57" vertical build height, can print in ABS, and accepts standard 1.75mm filaments while using open-source software. Visit themicro3d.com for exact volume specification and more …
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Mission To enable people around the world to own personal, sustainable supply chains with the capacity to print functional objects at the human scale. Company Overview Formed on January 2, 2013, re:3D is focused on developing 3D printing technologies, marketplaces, and communities. Large …
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mUVe 3D

mUVe 3D LLC was founded in January of 2013 by Dean Piper. mUVe 3D isn’t about making large amounts of money but about rather sharing new and exciting technology with the world. Money for development of the hardware and software, as well as the website, was all out of my own pocket because I …
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iRapid ist der erste deutsche Hersteller von Personal 3D Printern und bis heute das einzige Unternehmen in Deutschland, das 3D-Drucker in Fertigbauweise herstellt. Damit ermöglicht iRapid eine unerreicht günstige Möglichkeit, in eigener Regie Objekte herzustellen – ob zu Hause für private …
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EnvisionTEC is a leading global provider of 3D printing solutions for the rapid manufacture of customized products utilizing its proprietary consumables across a variety of markets. Since its first patent submission in 1999, EnvisionTEC has developed and released 3D print solutions consisting …
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eMotion Tech

Firmenseite: We are a French company dedicated to the Reprap & low cost 3D printer, our main goals are:      Offer our expertise in 3D printer kits and machines to provide the cheapest offer.      Sustain the RepRap movement by providing a platform of resources and an updated offer …
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botObjects is the design and manufacturer of ProDesk3D, a state-of-the-art 3D Desktop Printer. We are also a software development company that focuses on providing powerful, yet simple to use, non-technical - 3D printing software. We enable creators to output their objects with ease. botObjects …
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Guangzhou Wangneng Product Design Co.,Ltd was founded in 2000, which belongs to Guangzhou municipal government key support enterprise, and won the title of "government patent industrialization of science and technology demonstration enterprises”, it is the expert class of industrial design …
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Personal fabrication for everyone - whether you want to materialize objects from plastic, ceramics, or chocolate - this is a choice for you! Thanks to interchangeable tools, ZMorph personal fabrication machine (or 3d printer if you want:-) is a tool for new generation of designers and makers …
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York 3D Printers

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Type A Machines

We have very different backgrounds, but what is common is that we all share a passion for making things - and what keeps us coming in every day is seeing the awesome stuff YOU make! Type A Machines was founded out of Noisebridge by Andrew Rutter in January 2012. Although Andrew had been …
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Firmenseite: At TrinityLabs we envision a world in which the conventional barriers between idea and reality are a thing of the past. We see a new economy where goods are designed and fabricated within immediate reach. A marketplace in which consumers participate directly in the …
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Tinkerine Studio

Established in April 2012, Tinkerine (ting-ker-reen) Studio is a Vancouver 3D printer company that specializes in 3D printing technologies and creative solutions. We are designers and tinkerers who love to see ideas come to life. Not only do we offer rapid prototyping services including Fused …
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Terawatt Industries

Firmenseite: Terawatt Industries Terawatt Industries, based in Boulder, Colorado, designs and manufactures a line of high-quality open-source 3D printers.  We were founded in 2007 with the name Longevity Software LLC.  We're still in the process of rebranding our company.  Our mission is to …
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After participating in the RepRap project for almost two years and travelling with my Prusa Mendel, I found the need for a more portable, less fragile printer. I began by designing the fully printable Tantillus seen below. Immediately after pictures of the original Tantillus were released to …
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SUMPOD Ltd is a small company set up to offer low cost 3D Printer and CNC machines. Our main aim is to produce machines that are different from standard 3D printers by concentrating on the design and build quality. With this extra build strength both of our main machines, Basic and …
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Store Open Electronics

Open-electronics.org wants to become the reference open source site with ideas and feedback aimed to enrich the community. Beginners can find all the aid needed to improve their skills in electronics.
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We strive to treat each client as we would like to be treated ourselves – with honesty, loyalty and respect. Our company goals reflect this and are determinant to our business success: To provide our Clients the best possible solutions of 3D printing... Accurate, Affordable, designed and …
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Philosophy At Something3D our philosophy is when you have a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail. So when people will have a 3D printer the boundaries of their creativity will explode to many directions. Ideas will no more be kept in their mind but will emerge into the physical …
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Solidscape®, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-precision 3D printers, materials and software for Direct Manufacturing of solid objects designed in CAD. These wax objects are ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications, providing the highest standards in surface …
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Solidoodle LLC was founded in 2011 by Sam Cervantes to put 3D printers into hands of creative minds all around the world. The idea was born out of a passion for robots and a desire for making 3D printing accessible to the masses. Sam has a rich history in the 3D printing community, having …
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SolidModel USA

SolidModel USA Sells and Markets 3D Printers and 3D Printing Supplies for Rapid Prototyping, Model Making and Additive Manufacturing. We currently offer the Solido SD300 Pro Professional level 3D Desktop Printer and Supplies...the most affordable Desktop 3D Printer for the entry-level …
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Shark 3D Printer

Shark Corporation is a fast growing Lebanese-Based Company that started designing and manufacturing low cost 3D printers which officially started selling in September 2012. Since September 2012, heaps of improvements were made on our product creating a new design which is considered one the …
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Sharebot Srl is a dynamic company founded by two young entrepreneurs to design, develop and market 3D printers that are easy to use and capable of semi professional results. Founded in 2012, today Sharebot offers a third generation 3D printer that blends robustness, design and performance. With …
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Are YOU a teacher or educator looking to get 3D printing in the classroom? Do you want to be on the cutting edge of the next digital frontier in education? At this pace, 3D printing of ALL types is set to become a major employment market as businesses all across the globe are beginning to bring …
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RoBo 3D

It was Fall 2012. Coby, a Senior at SDSU, was working on his final project which happened to be utilizing 3D Printed parts for prosthetic limb construction. Tired of the cost of using the universities only industrial 3D printing machine, he set out to build his own...from scratch. It took a few …
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RepRap Source

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We have engineers, designers, and leaders in our 3D Printing Department of QSQM Technology Corporation. In 2012, QSQM corporation launched 3DP department, a department focused on developing high-end desktop 3D printers. We reinvented the light-curing machine with our passions and our …
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At Pryntech, we aren’t satisfied with the current options for low-cost high resolution 3D printing. There are a few contenders in the area of quality, but they are over priced and typically closed design. We are looking to change all of that. We are proud to introduce the Pryntech OpenSL – an …
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Portabee 3D Printer

We are a group of engineers and 3D printing enthusiasts working from within Singapore and around the world. We believe it is our duty to create the future, and we take great joy in being a part of the personal manufacturing revolution. The possibilities of 3D printing are boundless, and …
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Plastic Scribbler

The idea for Plastic Scribbler was born during the 2012 Atlanta Mini Maker Faire. We envisioned delivering high quality 3D printers at very reasonable prices. We believe in family values and our founder and president's name is Tim Manasterski. Tim has a mechanical engineering degree from the …
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Pirx3d is a hardware oriented company based in Cracow. We have designed and built Pirx - the most affordable and reliable 3D printer on the market. To bring you the best product there is we assembled a diversely skilled team. We handle everything ourselves - from mechanical design to software …
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Personal Portable 3D Printer

PP3DP is dedicated to provide solutions to simplify design process, prototyping test, and functional verification. It also provides production level end-use parts with low-priced, portable, and high-quality 3D printer. PP3DP revolutionizes the workflow that designers, engineers and …
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Open Source Romote Control

OSRC - Open Source Remote Control is a remote control system, aimed to accommodate professionals in the field of filming, UAV and drone control as well as novice RC enthusiasts and provide a complete system with no additional hardware or third party products for any given objective.
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At Omni3D we specialise in the production of professional 3D printers for professional and home use. We are constantly developing and improving our products and promote technology on the market. We also provides printing consumables and all kinds of spare parts for use in any printer.
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Old World Labratories

Old World Laboratories (OWL) makes industrial-grade 3D printing accessible to everyone. Founded in 2013, OWL revolutionizes how engineers, medical professionals, educators, hobbyists and designers of all kinds create and produce. OWL’s powerful, but affordable, 3D printers allow anyone with …
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ORD Solutions

We offer truly useful, high quality, products and services focused on replicating other things, automating small scale processes, creating new product 3d designs, and service contracts that support those gadgets! Our first product offering will be 3D printers and support for them. We will …
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NW RepRap

NW RepRap is a small company located in Spokane, WA USA. NW RepRap has a passion for 3D printing and has a desire to share the experience with others. (mehr …)
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Our goal is to do some contributions in 3D printer world, and spread this great technology into all potential users, engineer, artist etc. We will continue to offer our customers the best price for RepRap 3D printer.
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MindKits was established in December 2008 by Tim Carr after seeing a lack of sites supporting New Zealanders in learning robotics and physical computing. After working away Sundays tinkering Tim decided it was time there was a site that not only sold robotics kit, sensors and Arduinos but was a …
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Maker’s Tool Works

Maker’s Tool Works is a fabrications supply company. Basically, we have things that help you make things. We’re a team of highly skilled engineers, troubleshooters, and tinkerers working all the time so that Maker’s Tool Works is the best 3d printer supply company. (mehr …)
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ORCABOT 3D-Print Technology Since 2009 Gubbels Engineering | ORCABOT is selling 3D printers all over the world. One of our printers is the Orca, which is well known on the market. Our main goal is to sell high quality, but affordable 3D printers. Every day, our development team is working on …
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Mbot 3D Printer

This is MBot 3D printer team. It's belong to Magicfirm, LLC. Magicfirm is located in Hangzhou China, a beautiful city, It's start 3D Printing buiness from 2009. MBot3D is committed to make high quality, affordable personal 3d printer for everyone. (mehr …)
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Since our foundation in 1935, Matsuura has been at the forefront of innovative design, development and manufacture of high quality machining centers. Our products satisfy the global requirement for high reliability, sustained accuracy and guaranteed performance.  (mehr …)
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MarkForged was founded by an aerospace engineer – the kind of person who loves pushing the envelope. After years of designing and manufacturing high-performance composite race car wings, Greg Mark realized that you could use 3D printing hardware to automate the composite layup process. Many …
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Founded in 2011, Makible enables digital manufacturing by developing 3D printing and related technology for people to create, design and build products. Based in Hong Kong with a dedicated 3000 square foot facility for both development and production, Makible is able to deliver digital …
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What do we do? We design, engineer and manufacture desktop 3D printers and accessories. Thousands of 3D printer operators around the world are using gear from MakerGear!! Based in NE Ohio, we’ve been providing 3D printers and supplies to schools, engineers, artists, businesses and DIYers since …
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Maker Farm's mission is to help you build, maintain and enjoy your 3D printer. At Maker Farm we specialize in Prusa and PrintrBot 3D printers, Plus we supply many parts for others like Makerbot & Makergear. We take an enormous amount of pride in creating our Kits and our customer support …
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MakeMendel.com is online shop made for global consumers to buy 3D Printers and its different related parts. We are based in Mumbai, INDIA. (mehr …)
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Frustrated by the status quo, we started a company that allows people the freedom they need to get the job done. Built upon the philosophy of freedom, the LulzBot TAZ, from Aleph Objects, Inc., is transforming the 3D printer industry. Our high-quality, cost-effective solution embodies the …
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Leapfrog was founded by four friends: Martijn Otten, Maarten Logtenberg, Mathijs Kossen and Lucas Janssen. The foundation of Leapfrog came about when Martijn stumbled across a problem in his family-owned company, AV Flexologic. He was in need of a specific spare part which was unavailable and …
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We have diligently worked to develop the prototype to series production. Meanwhile our production line is up and running.
Kentstrapper Mehr erfahren


As all great inventions, everything was generated by the passion of creating, inventing, trying and risking. So Lorenzo and Luciano embarked themself in this new adventure, believing the whole hog in their ideas and abilities, and finally they created this family businness dealing with design …
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Firmenseite: We've closed the gap between "consumer" and "pro". Founded in 2012 by two University of Chicago alumni, Isis3D is a research and development lab committed to creating 3D printers that are simultaneously accessible to all and incredibly powerful. After building our own …
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Firmenseite: Invent-A-Part, Inc is among leading rapid prototyping companies specializing in high quality FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling ) and PolyJet rapid prototyping services. The FDM process is ideal for conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools, and …
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iD3 manufactures 3D printers to serve virtually every commercial market. For the designer, engineer, educator, doctor, architect and manufacturer, 3D printing applications are seemingly endless, with productivity increases and bottom line impact measured in speed to market, design flexibility, …
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It is 3D

Some of you may know of us as A1 Technologies.  We have restructured and are using the more appropriately titled it is 3D to bring our innovative 3D products to the world. it is 3D supplies highly affordable, high quality 3D digital technologies to educational and industrial organisations …
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Hyrel 3D

We are a small group of designers, engineers, and business people who make automated machines for the semiconductor industry. While designing the newest generation of equipment for the semiconductor industry, we were looking for other sources and suppliers to do some prototyping for us.  …
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Firmenseite: Heacent R & D centers in Hong Kong,China's Shenzhen and Dongguan are our production base,    Serving more than 1,000 employees,The first GPS system R & D and production enterprises,Has a strong hardware and software development capabilities,2000 R & D on GPS, GIS, …
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German RepRap

Die German RepRap GmbH mit Sitz in Feldkirchen b. München wurde ursprünglich als German RepRap Foundation (GRRF) 2010 gegründet. German RepRap entwickelt und vertreibt 3D Drucker als Bausatz oder als Fertiggerät unter den Markennamen NEO, PRotos und X400. Neben 3D Druckern für Privatanwender …
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Gadgets3D Online Store was created for all users interested in 3D printing. Our main goal is to provide high-quality equipment and materials needed for building your own 3D printer. By partnering with large factories and suppliers we can offer you our products in affordable prices. We have …
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Firmenseite: We're Bringing Professional SL Printing Technology Within Reach We are a passionate team of designers and engineers. We created the Form 1 because we were frustrated in our own creative efforts at how expensive, cumbersome and out-of-reach truly high quality 3D printing has …
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Firmenseite: "When I came into contact with 3D printers for the DoItYourself community, I was sold by the concept. I first needed a 3d printer to cheaply produce prototype parts for my humanoid walking robot, which I put on hold because I couldn't resist on the 3D printer. While I was …
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Firmenseite: Located in Allentown PA, K&L Services Group Inc. specializes in providing electronics manufacturing services from consulting and training to design and assembly. A Pennsylvania registered corporation K&L Services Group Inc. founded in 2003 by industry professionals who …
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Der fabbster ist ein innovativer, kompakter 3D-Drucker für den Hausgebrauch made in Germany. Mit ihm kann man dreidimensionale Objekte aus verschiedenen farbigen Kunststoffen herstellen. (mehr …)
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Firmenseite: Eventorbot! Open source 3D printer. Simple with less materials. Frame is made of a single 4' long, 2 1/2" square tube (16 gauge/1.5mm/.0598" thick, cost: less then $20.00). With this design there is less plastic parts, stronger structure, all wires are hidden, and a more …
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Firmenseite: In 2009 we had a paradigm shift in our business to focus strictly on 3D printing, specifically the RepRap project/community.  Since then we developed many innovations, custom hot-ends, heated build plate and redesigned plastic parts, and have increased the quality of our prints …
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Schlichtes, elegantes Design in Verbindung mit Bauteilen von höchster Qualität machen den Delta Tower die ideale Plattform für Druck mit höchsten Anspruchen. Mit einer maximalen Bauhöhe von 580 mm* bietet diese Maschine einfach mehr Platz für Ihre Ideen und ein ungeschlagenes …
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Firmenseite: Deezmaker manufactures 3-D printer kits which are sold online and at its Pasadena, California retail store. The Pasadena retail store was also the first 3-D printer store on the West Coast (and only the second one in the country.)  Opened in late 2012, Deezmaker’s in-store …
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DWS Systems

Firmenseite:DWS, Digital Wax Systems, was founded in Italy, in Vicenza, in 2007.We already had a long experience in the prototyping sector. We develop hi-tech solutions for prototyping and high-speed production applied to reduce development times for new industrial products (time to market), …
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3D Builder

Firmenseite: The Big Builder is the latest and biggest 3D Printer produced by Builder 3D Printers. This model is Purpose-made for everyone that thinks BIG! Recently Builder 3D Printers gained a lot of interest among schools and companies. More and more customers asked us to produce a …
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Choc Edge

Firmenseite: Choc Edge is an UK based company, we design and craft unique quality chocolates for all occasions with the latest chocolate 2D/3D printing technology. We also provide chocolate printing solutions for businesses and users who will like to design and produce creative chocolates.
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Firmenseite: WASP develops it’s own 3D printer thanks to years of know-how experience. The printer has unique characteristics such as the possibility of changing utensile and, therefore, not only 3D printing plastic but also clay as well as milling on a large area. We call it POWERWASP, …
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Firmenseite: CB-printer.com ist der erste polnische seriell hergestellte 3D-Drucker für Ausdrücke, die zu Hause gefertigt werden können. Alle übrigen Projekte (Stand August 2012) bestehen aus einzelnen Prototypen oder basieren auf fertigen Modellen, die durch andere 3D-Drucker gedruckt …
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Boots Industries

Firmenseite: Boots Industries was founded in 2012 by Jean Le Bouthillier, MSc and François Crête, BEng. The goal was to create the best place online for makers to learn about 3D printing and other potential mechatronics projects.  The initial 3D printer offering is focused on a low cost …
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Blue Eagle Labs

Firmenseite: Blue Eagle Labs is a startup among friends. We come from different backgrounds/experiences - machinist and entrepreneur, mba and finance, IT and tech support - but we all share the same passion for 3D printing! We are fully committed to the DIY 3D printer market. We aspire to …
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To offer a high resolution open source 3D printer design, in hopes of reducing cost and igniting rapid innovation. Product files, BOM's and design information will be made available through an open source hardware license after the initial product release.
Asiga Mehr erfahren


Asiga is a dedicated team of engineers, programmers and designers, pooling creativity and knowledge to develop remarkable tools for Digital Manufacturing industries. Starting with our first groundbreaking product, the Freeform Pico (“The World’s First Pico Printer”), we plan to bring a mix of …
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Airwolf 3D

Firmenseite: Southern California-based Airwolf 3D is premised on the philosophy of providing the public with something it has never seen before-an affordable, durable, easy to use 3D printer whereby users of all ages and backgrounds can create objects thought impossible until …
Afinia Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: Founded in 2009, Afinia was born to offer specialty printing solutions with best-in-class support at accessible prices. Our parent company, Microboards Technology, has been offering media duplication products since 1989. This gives us a rock-solid foundation of technical …
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Acuity Design

Firmenseite: Based in Missoula, Montana, Acuity Design is a product design and development firm that is focused on helping people and businesses take their ideas from concept to reality. From industrial concept design, to mechanical engineering, to rapid prototyping and production pipeline …
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Active 3D Printing

3D Stuffmaker Mehr erfahren

3D Stuffmaker

Firmenseite: We understand that 3D printing is more than a hobby. It's a revolution. 3D Stuffmaker is a division of iPrint Technologies, an international company dedicated to bringing you the best 3D Printer technology. We are committed to making 3D printing affordable, faster and …
3Dkits Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: 3Dkits is a development solutions firm centered in the 3D-environment. We apply a multidimensional viewpoint that generates innovative proposals addressed to obtain advanced and “state-of-art” products. We have done our best effort to offer an equipment catalog that provides …
3D Botic Mehr erfahren

3D Botic

Manufacturer of ultra high-quality 3d printers also known as RepRaps. We offer our version of the MendelMax 1.5 3d printer. We call it the 3dBotic MM151.
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Ultimaker Mehr erfahren


Ultimaker believes in empowering anyone to turn their imagination into reality right in front of their eyes. Ever since Ultimaker started shipping its first Ultimaker 3D printers in May 2011, Ultimaker captured a prominent position within the competitive Maker industry. As one of the most …
BeeVeryCreative Mehr erfahren


Our goal is pretty simple and straightforward: We want to imprint change through 3D printing. We strongly believe 3D printing is leading an important paradigm shift that will bring mass production closer to the rising individual consumer creation, thus transporting us to a more leisure …
BigRep Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: Founded in 2014, BigRep set sail to transform the 3D printing and manufacturing business. With its 1.3 m³ volume, the BigRep ONE opens the gateway to a new dimension of 3D printing and 3D manufacturing.
Realizer Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: Über ReaLizer Im Jahr 1990 gründeten die Physiker Dr. Matthias Fockele und Dr. Dieter Schwarze das Unternehmen F&S. Als Pioniere des Rapid Prototyping gehörten sie international zu den ersten, die Stereolithographie-Maschinen für die Herstellung von Prototypen aus …
SLM Solution Mehr erfahren

SLM Solution

Firmenseite: Ihr Spezialist für Anlagen zur additiven Fertigung von Serienteilen und Prototypen Wir wissen, worauf es in Ihrer Branche ankommt. Mit diesem Know-how unterstützen wir Sie – für Ihre innovativen Produktentwicklungen. Das erreichen wir durch die Flexibilität eines modularen …
3DSystems Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: 3D Systems is a leading provider of 3D content-to-print solutions including 3D printers, print materials and cloud sourced on-demand custom parts for professionals and consumers alike with materials including plastics, metals, ceramics and edibles. The company also provides …
Sintermask Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: Die Firma Sintermask GmbH aus Parsberg hat sich auf 3D-Drucker für den alltäglichen Gebrauch Zuhause spezialisiert. In ihrem Produktkatalog bieten sie fabbster an, ein 3D-Drucker für den Büro-, Heim- und Hobbyeinsatz. Produktbeschreibung: Fabbster macht aus …
MakerBot Mehr erfahren


Der amerikanische Hersteller MakerBot baut 3D-Drucker und bietet sie zum Verkauf an. Der Replicator 2x verfügt im Gegensatz zu seinem Vorgänger (Replicator 2) über einen zweiten Druckkopf. Hierdurch kann der 3D-Drucker zwei Farben während eines Druckvorgangs drucken. Der Replicator 2X …
Stratasys Mehr erfahren


Firmenseite: Die Firma Stratasys ist eine von vielen, die sich auf Drucker im Bereich spezialisiert haben. Aktuell bewerben sie den 3D-Drucker Mojo™. Lassen Sie ihre Ideen zum Leben erwachen Mit dem 3D-Drucker Mojo™ bringen Sie erschwingliche, professionelle 3D-Drucke in Ihren …