Tinkerine Studio

Established in April 2012, Tinkerine (ting-ker-reen) Studio is a Vancouver 3D printer company that specializes in 3D printing technologies and creative solutions. We are designers and tinkerers who love to see ideas come to life. Not only do we offer rapid prototyping services including Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and laser cutting, we also design and distribute our very own 3D printing machines. It is our core belief that 3D printing technologies should be readily available and simple to use. Its future holds limitless potentials; you should definitely be a part of it!

With a design and user interaction background, we distinguish ourselves from other 3D printing solutions by offering form and functionality within one package. While many current printers on the market boast print qualities and pricing, we feel that it is also our priority to provide a user experience that is as easy as possible.